DIY headboard

07 Jun

I have always dreamt of having a headboard above my bed, and one day decided that I should stop moaning about not being able to find a nice looking one at an affordable price, and just make one myself.  So that is what I did.

Below are some rather simple photos taken of my headboard to give you some idea of what it looks like.  I decided not to go with buttons, but they can very simply be added on.

Here’s a jist of how I made it:

  1. Buy a piece of chipboard which is about 7cm wider than the width of your bed, and as high as you like (I stuck pieces of paper on the wall before I bought the wood to see which size would look best)
  2. On top of the chipboard glue a piece of high density foam.  A great place to buy foam is Fabric World on Wynberg main road.
  3.  Wrap a piece of batting on top of the foam and around the sides, stapling it onto the back of the chipboard.  This is really just to soften the edges of the foam.
  4. Staple the fabric in a similar way around the chipboard, making sure you pull tightly at all times, and folding the corners nicely.
  5. We hung the headboard on the wall.  I am so glad we did it this way, as it never rattled around and was firmly attached to the wall, as opposed to standing on wooden legs.
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