The teapot craze

09 Jul

Today’s DIY Monday post is inspired by, and created by a good friend of mine, Chelsey Pienaar.  Chels gave me this hand painted teapot for Christmas-I think it’s great!  I was inspired to start a teapot collection when I got this, so have been looking in the shops recently for quirky teapots, but they don’t seem to be all that common.  If you have any ideas of where I could get more cool teapots, let me know!

But if you still struggle to find a great teapot, and if you’re anything like me and have really creative friends, just get them to make it for you (and then you can custom design it too!!).  The teapot can be bought already made for you to paint, in several shapes and sizes.  All that needs doing is painting it (with the correct ceramic paint) and to fire it up afterwards. This teapot has a shiny silver handle and spout, and a funky little orange knob on the top.

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