Afternoon tea at Cafe Mozart

18 Jul

Yesterday my brother took my sister and I out on a date!  He had been working during his uni holidays, so treated us to tea (big time payback for all the times we’ve paid for him!)

We decided to go to Cafe Mozart in Cape Town, and wow we loved it!  We went there especially for their apple crumble and lemon meringue pie, all of which is home-made each morning.  My brother had the first piece out of the lemon meringue pie-it had only just set so was incredibly fresh.  My sister and I had the apple crumble-words cannot describe the pure delight that happened in my mouth for those very brief moments.

So today’s blog isn’t really about DIY ideas or inspiration for your home, but just some photos to get you inspired to try new places, and go to coffee shops-it doesn’t cost a lot, but you get a great experience and can be part of the vibe!

Above:  The little picket fence which separates the cafe from the rest of the bustling street.  There’s always an antiques market going on just next door, which I had to pop into!

Above: Although it’s winter in Cape Town at the moment, and we’ve had some pretty cold days, yesterday we were able to bask in the warm winter sun outdoors.

Above:  There’s nothing like a bit of South African busking as background music to accompany your afternoon tea!

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