Chair Crazy

25 Jul

I was fortunate enough in my last uni holidays to have an internship at a company.  One of the tasks I was designated to do was find new office chairs for the creative team I was working with.  I took up the challenge with great excitement-I knew through the process I would find some great stores and cheap ideas in the process…and I did just that!

One of my favourite chair designers is Charles Eames.  His pieces are timeless and can be used in a diverse set of environments.  However (and that’s a very big however) they are extremely expensive.  But I discovered that the imitation Eames chairs, although not the same quality and design, are just as nice aesthetically and the quality is good enough for the average person like you or I to manage with.

Here are some pics of imitation Eames chairs from a shop down the road from me, Chair Crazy:

One of the original Charles Eames chairs, this chair comes in a variety of colours which I think look great mixed together.

A stylish, classic Eames recliner

A twist on the original chair above, this rocking chair would be great in a kid’s bedroom or in the living room.

My favourite Eames office chair design- low back, soft fabric and surprisingly good-looking wheels.

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