Painted wooden flooring

03 Aug

I discovered a great post by momspark a few days ago, and just had to share with you what I found.  Often we want to keep wooden floors rather than cover them up with carpets or tiling, but they are too old or damaged to use as is.  Here is your solution!  Some great painting ideas for wooden floors by some wonderful bloggers:

Above: I like this picture more because of the cute curtain than anything else!  But the squares painted on the floor are great.  They look really nice with their worn look and the colour combo of brown and cream is very warm and inviting.

Above:  How to make a statement!  Very bold and bright, this will look great with some toned down couches and accessories.

Above: I couldn’t resist putting in a white inspired room.  This is really classic and timeless, and with warmer colours brought in through the couches etc, it feels cosier than pure white alone.


Above:  Do this is you want a big statement in a small area, on a small budget.

Above:  By keeping everything neutral, the couch definitely does pop out.  I love the use of colour here, and the white floors create a perfect backdrop for this.

Above:  This one is interesting because they don’t paint the entire floor, only parts of it.

Above:  For something different, yet still feels like it’s been there for ages, try a print like this in neutral colours.

Picture credits:  Pictures 1, 2, 4 & 7 are from momspark

Pictures 5 & 6 are from lavender and ash

Picture 3 is from doorsixteen

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