18 Oct

I was inspired by a post I saw on the pretty blog which led me to do this post today.  The latest trend, especially in kitchen tools, is the ‘dipped’ effect.  This is a great way to revive an old kitchen tool or piece of furniture and make it your own.  Here’s some pics to show you how:


Above: The pastel colours used on natural wood looks so calm.  Simple wooden items can be bought (rather cheaply) and new life given to them with just a little bit of paint.  Source: 2Modern Blog



Above: I find it interesting how not the entire leg is painted here, just parts of it…very cool.  Source: Pinterest



Above: What a statement colour to use!  Definitely the colour of the season, these could easily be painted over if you get bored with the colour.  Source: The pretty blog


Above: I particularly love how they’ve used just ordinary tins but have given them new life by just using a little bit of paint.  I think I’m going to try this! Source: The Pretty Blog




Above:  I’ve featured this picture before, I just love the bright colours, the variety in tools but yet how it all works together so well.  Source: The Furnishing Touch

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