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The yellow revolution

I have this crazy obsession with the colour yellow at the moment.  I think it’s because it’s reaching the end of our winter here in South Africa, and the colour reminds me of all the things I miss about summer.  I think it’s a great colour to add to a room to give it a special lift and it can be used in small quantities yet is really striking and effective.  I inherited a beautiful ball and claw foot dining room table from my grandparents when they moved house, and I’m thinking of somehow using yellow paint to give it a bit of a spruce up.

Here are some ideas for using yellow in your bathroom which hopefully gets you inspired.

Above: I love how this bathroom is so simple yet so striking.  A yellow wall, some black and white wallpaper and furniture, an oversized picture and a ball and claw bath and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.

Above:  This is a great idea to add colour to the bathroom without making it a permanent fixture.  The yellow can be changed any time if you get bored of it or feel like another colour.

Above:  If you’re not brave enough to use yellow in the bathroom, why not paint a piece of furniture yellow and you can put it in your bathroom to store towels.  I would prefer to do this similar idea with a ball and claw foot cabinet, but this one looks great too.

Above:  For a more modern look in a smaller space, these yellow tiles are great as they look trendy yet are practical too

Above:  This wallpaper certainly makes a statement, and requires nothing else in the bathroom but the toilet.

Above:  I’m not a huge fan of this myself, but if you’re into the whole playing with patterns idea, this could be the look for you.

Above:  This statement wallpaper is paired with the neutral yet bold cabinet underneath and certainly creates a wow factor.

Above:  This is a more classic look with a slightly paler colour yellow.  The flowers used, bathtub and taps all add to the look and really create a feeling of luxury.

Above:  This bathroom looks like a great idea if you’re on a tight budget.  Just pair simple grey tiles with some yellow accessories and you’ve got a winner.  The white of the bathroom appliances also compliments the look, and you can always change the colour if you get bored of it.

Above: I love the legs of these sinks-they really say a lot.  The yellow mosaic tiles here are interesting as they create texture and dimension.

Above:  This yellow wallpaper is exquisite.  It has a classic feel about it and can be paired with many other colour accessories.

Picture credits:

Picture 2: Trendzona

Picture 3: Mostaza Seed

Picture 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11: Arcilook


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Victorian Bathrooms

Friday Inspiration Day is upon us! On a similar theme to a post a while back on black and white rooms, I thought I would do an inspiration post on Victorian bathrooms.  They are so classic and timeless and require very little effort.  Ok yes, the pieces you need are expensive (like the ball and claw foot bath tub and proper tiles on the wall), but you need very little else.

There’s a company I just love (who’s getting free advertising today!) called Victorian Bathrooms – go check them out.

Below & Above: To create an instant Victorian feel, just use the white Metro Tiles, which are actually becoming very trendy these days….

Above: I just love how they used old school lockers to give it a modern twist!



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Black and white decor inspiration

I thought today my post needed to involve some inspiration, so I am blogging about one of my favourite themes in a house, black and white.  Black and white can often go very wrong, and look to cold, harsh or unfriendly.  But if done in the right room, and with the right pieces of furniture, it could turn out looking very beautiful and quite sophisticated.

We have a very old, run down bathroom and with a coat of grey paint on the walls, some black towels and a red persian rug, it turned out quite well.  Here are some pics to get your creative juices going…. 🙂

I often feel black and white in a lounge can be too harsh, but this one seems to work quite well.  I love the furniture, really welcoming.  The long, soft curtains also help with warmth.  I found this at

Very striking and effective black feature wall here, which is balanced out by the other white walls, white ceiling and massive windows which let lots of light in.  This pic, and the one below, can be found at

I must admit though, that if I had to choose, my bedroom would be more on this gray-scale, rather than with black and white.  It just feels so luxurious, soft and inviting.

What I absolutely love and cannot get enough of, is black and white bathrooms, especially with checkered flooring like this bathroom has.  It’s also a great colour scheme to use with a Victorian style bathroom….mmmm, I love it!  Find this and similar pics at

This is a more modern take on a black and white bathroom, and very much a DIY-able project painting those stripes. I found this at

Simple, yet so dramatic. This pic and many others as inspiring can be found at

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