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Ahh…window seat inspiration

I had great fun researching the topic for the inspiration post today-all about window seats.  What I love about window seats is that they serve several purposes-you can use it for storage, extra seating, prettying up a room or to maximise the sunlight in the room.  I have a window seat in my current house and I always love sitting there watching nature while sipping my cuppa coffee.

Here is some inspiration to hopefully inspire you to do something similar:

Above: This window seat serves a more practical purpose, allowing two people to sleep on the beds tucked away.  This could be great for a kid’s room. Source: Sortrature

Above:  If you’re short on space, why not use the window seat for seating at the dining room table?  Source: Inspiration Online (this is a great post-go check it out!)

Above:  I just love the colours and textures that they have used in this window seat.  The dove grey and stripes and different types of natural fabrics look really inviting.  The studs on the cushion also add another interesting dimension.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: The colours used in this window seat are great!  What’s nice is that when you get bored you can easily change it, because it’s just a matter of a few pillows.  It doesn’t have storage underneath, but could make for a great socializing area.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: I absolutely love Mediterranean countries, and this window seat would certainly fit in there, and definitely reminds me of my holidays to Croatia and Turkey.  This would be best suited for a hot climate.  Source: Sortrature

Above:  This window seat is great for helping to make the kitchen the heart of the home.  Fitting right in a country-style kitchen, it allows conversation to flow easier between cook and guest.  It also allows a better view out the beautiful sash windows.  Just love it!  Source: Sortrature

Above: In order to really highlight the window and bring focus to it, frame the window with two drops of dramatic curtains, just like in this picture.  This will also allow you to close the curtains for a more intimate window seat, and if you want to close the windows up at night.  Source: Yours personally

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Wall Tattoos perhaps?

These wall tattoos have really caught my eye.  They are easy to apply, give some creative flair to an otherwise dull room and can be swopped easily, once you’re bored with them.  I have one of my own, which is sitting in my cupboard at the moment, waiting for when I move to a new flat at the end of the year…

Above: These wall tattoos are classic, simple yet very striking.  They go really well with the studded chair and the panelling on the wall. Source: I heart your outfit

Above: To create the illusion of furniture, but without having to buy expensive furniture (or if you don’t have the space), use wall stickers like these to create the feel you were going for. Source: Style Hive

Above: The sticker I have is very similar to this one, very clean, simple, small, but cute! Source: Dezign with a Z

Above: You could even try a sticker with colour in it to bring an accent colour through the room. Source: My Designing Life

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DIY Dresser Renovation

I have always been a fan of taking an old, but beautiful piece of furniture and giving it a coat of paint to transform it into a modern piece of furniture you can be proud to put in your home.  Next week I’ll show you one piece of furniture I did this with not so long ago, and which has become my dressing table.  But for today’s DIY Monday post, I’m going to show you what some other creative people have managed to do!

Above: I would love to try this out in my house.  If you don’t want to paint the entire dresser because you like the wood, it might be worth modernising it a bit with just some colour blocks like these semi circles.

Above: The before picture.

Above: What a great colour! Wow!  I love the simplicity of the handles and how the colours compliment each other.  This is truly a modern take on an old dresser.

Above: A pretty design for soft, calm room.  This is a cheap way of bringing in interesting designs into the room.

Picture credits:

Pictures 1 & 4: Mr Kate

Pictures 2 & 3: Wrenarian Troves

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Black and white decor inspiration

I thought today my post needed to involve some inspiration, so I am blogging about one of my favourite themes in a house, black and white.  Black and white can often go very wrong, and look to cold, harsh or unfriendly.  But if done in the right room, and with the right pieces of furniture, it could turn out looking very beautiful and quite sophisticated.

We have a very old, run down bathroom and with a coat of grey paint on the walls, some black towels and a red persian rug, it turned out quite well.  Here are some pics to get your creative juices going…. 🙂

I often feel black and white in a lounge can be too harsh, but this one seems to work quite well.  I love the furniture, really welcoming.  The long, soft curtains also help with warmth.  I found this at

Very striking and effective black feature wall here, which is balanced out by the other white walls, white ceiling and massive windows which let lots of light in.  This pic, and the one below, can be found at

I must admit though, that if I had to choose, my bedroom would be more on this gray-scale, rather than with black and white.  It just feels so luxurious, soft and inviting.

What I absolutely love and cannot get enough of, is black and white bathrooms, especially with checkered flooring like this bathroom has.  It’s also a great colour scheme to use with a Victorian style bathroom….mmmm, I love it!  Find this and similar pics at

This is a more modern take on a black and white bathroom, and very much a DIY-able project painting those stripes. I found this at

Simple, yet so dramatic. This pic and many others as inspiring can be found at

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Knit your own lampshade

I was inspired by an article in the Ideas Magazine last month which showed you how to knit a lampshade.  Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the art of knitting (it’s on this holiday’s agenda), so asked my mom if she would be keen to try it out.  It’s a super easy pattern, which we tweaked a bit to suit the lampshade we had.

How they suggest you do it is as follows:

  • Use a lampshade with a diameter of 25cm
  • With 5.5mm knitting needles, knit 100 stitches, for approximately 50 rows

Ours isn’t finished yet, as you can see by the picture…but stay tuned because in just a few days hopefully we would have attached it to the lampshade (well, first taken off the old fabric) and have it ready for action!

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Chandelier making 101

To continue on a similar theme from yesterday’s post, I thought I would show you a chandelier which I made a while back.  It was an old, rusty chandelier which my sister bought at a shop in Kalk Bay.  I sanded it, spray painted it and added the beads and it now sits in prime position in my bedroom 🙂

Some suggestions if you’re making your own chandelier:

  • I used sheen spray paint: it’s easier to get into all the little corners compared to using a paintbrush, and the sheen is a nice finish to use (it’s basically in the middle of matt and gloss)
  • Get a friend to help you with the beading at first if you’ve never done it before-I was a complete novice, but if you have it explained to you, and you have the right equipment, you should be fine.
  • I put two strings of beads in between each of the three arms, and the two strings were at different lengths.  I used bigger beads to make it bolder and break up the strings a bit, but you could get totally creative here and put all sorts of different beads!
  • We used a glue gun to glue the wires along the metal chandelier so that they are hidden.
  • I’ve put the light on a dimmer switch-that way you can get loads of different effects depending on the mood and time of day.



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DIY headboard

I have always dreamt of having a headboard above my bed, and one day decided that I should stop moaning about not being able to find a nice looking one at an affordable price, and just make one myself.  So that is what I did.

Below are some rather simple photos taken of my headboard to give you some idea of what it looks like.  I decided not to go with buttons, but they can very simply be added on.

Here’s a jist of how I made it:

  1. Buy a piece of chipboard which is about 7cm wider than the width of your bed, and as high as you like (I stuck pieces of paper on the wall before I bought the wood to see which size would look best)
  2. On top of the chipboard glue a piece of high density foam.  A great place to buy foam is Fabric World on Wynberg main road.
  3.  Wrap a piece of batting on top of the foam and around the sides, stapling it onto the back of the chipboard.  This is really just to soften the edges of the foam.
  4. Staple the fabric in a similar way around the chipboard, making sure you pull tightly at all times, and folding the corners nicely.
  5. We hung the headboard on the wall.  I am so glad we did it this way, as it never rattled around and was firmly attached to the wall, as opposed to standing on wooden legs.
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