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Ahh…window seat inspiration

I had great fun researching the topic for the inspiration post today-all about window seats.  What I love about window seats is that they serve several purposes-you can use it for storage, extra seating, prettying up a room or to maximise the sunlight in the room.  I have a window seat in my current house and I always love sitting there watching nature while sipping my cuppa coffee.

Here is some inspiration to hopefully inspire you to do something similar:

Above: This window seat serves a more practical purpose, allowing two people to sleep on the beds tucked away.  This could be great for a kid’s room. Source: Sortrature

Above:  If you’re short on space, why not use the window seat for seating at the dining room table?  Source: Inspiration Online (this is a great post-go check it out!)

Above:  I just love the colours and textures that they have used in this window seat.  The dove grey and stripes and different types of natural fabrics look really inviting.  The studs on the cushion also add another interesting dimension.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: The colours used in this window seat are great!  What’s nice is that when you get bored you can easily change it, because it’s just a matter of a few pillows.  It doesn’t have storage underneath, but could make for a great socializing area.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: I absolutely love Mediterranean countries, and this window seat would certainly fit in there, and definitely reminds me of my holidays to Croatia and Turkey.  This would be best suited for a hot climate.  Source: Sortrature

Above:  This window seat is great for helping to make the kitchen the heart of the home.  Fitting right in a country-style kitchen, it allows conversation to flow easier between cook and guest.  It also allows a better view out the beautiful sash windows.  Just love it!  Source: Sortrature

Above: In order to really highlight the window and bring focus to it, frame the window with two drops of dramatic curtains, just like in this picture.  This will also allow you to close the curtains for a more intimate window seat, and if you want to close the windows up at night.  Source: Yours personally

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Chair Crazy

I was fortunate enough in my last uni holidays to have an internship at a company.  One of the tasks I was designated to do was find new office chairs for the creative team I was working with.  I took up the challenge with great excitement-I knew through the process I would find some great stores and cheap ideas in the process…and I did just that!

One of my favourite chair designers is Charles Eames.  His pieces are timeless and can be used in a diverse set of environments.  However (and that’s a very big however) they are extremely expensive.  But I discovered that the imitation Eames chairs, although not the same quality and design, are just as nice aesthetically and the quality is good enough for the average person like you or I to manage with.

Here are some pics of imitation Eames chairs from a shop down the road from me, Chair Crazy:

One of the original Charles Eames chairs, this chair comes in a variety of colours which I think look great mixed together.

A stylish, classic Eames recliner

A twist on the original chair above, this rocking chair would be great in a kid’s bedroom or in the living room.

My favourite Eames office chair design- low back, soft fabric and surprisingly good-looking wheels.

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Wall Art

I have always been in love with big metal, wooden or acrylic letters that are displayed on a wall in a house.  It looks so striking and bold and quite different.

What is great about it is the ability to use the whole wall space, and in fact use the floor space too.  Buy letters in any size, any material and any colour and they will always look good together. Secondhand letters are also great-check your local market for some cheap finds. You can change it up when you get bored….mmmm, I love it!


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Fun placemats you can make at home

Having had the weekend off from posting, I thought I would start the week with something a bit different. These beautiful placemats are great if you want to add an extra twist to your dinner table, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can just print them from your home computer and voila!

Flourish Placemat

Teapot Placemat

I always like to say where I got my ideas/pictures/projects from, but unfortunately I found this so long ago that I can’t remember.  If you know where it comes from, please let me know-I would love to acknowledge the source of this great work.

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Quality Secondhand Discoveries

I heard about Moving On from a relative who is also setting up home.  It sounded interesting so I thought I would give it a try and sign up for their weekly e-mail.  It’s a pretty nifty system-they e-mail you on a Thursday to tell you which houses are selling their content that weekend.  You can check out the pics and if you like anything, go along to the sale.  It’s not an auction, so you just have to get there at the time it starts and pick what you like!  There are some yucky things, but some real bargains too 🙂   This house in Fish Hoek has some beautiful old tables which could be spruced up and look just fab.  The sale is on Sunday and starts at 10am, so I would suggest getting there 15 minutes before.

How it works is that each person gets a lucky number (so there’s no incentive to get there super early!).  One by one you go into the house and ‘buy’ whatever items you like.  They usually are relatively well priced items and if you have a good eye, you can pick up some great finds.


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