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I was inspired by a post I saw on the pretty blog which led me to do this post today.  The latest trend, especially in kitchen tools, is the ‘dipped’ effect.  This is a great way to revive an old kitchen tool or piece of furniture and make it your own.  Here’s some pics to show you how:


Above: The pastel colours used on natural wood looks so calm.  Simple wooden items can be bought (rather cheaply) and new life given to them with just a little bit of paint.  Source: 2Modern Blog



Above: I find it interesting how not the entire leg is painted here, just parts of it…very cool.  Source: Pinterest



Above: What a statement colour to use!  Definitely the colour of the season, these could easily be painted over if you get bored with the colour.  Source: The pretty blog


Above: I particularly love how they’ve used just ordinary tins but have given them new life by just using a little bit of paint.  I think I’m going to try this! Source: The Pretty Blog




Above:  I’ve featured this picture before, I just love the bright colours, the variety in tools but yet how it all works together so well.  Source: The Furnishing Touch

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DIY herb garden markers

I must confess I am not a huge gardener-I don’t have green fingers, and I always forget to water the plants so generally they die!  But my sister is quite keen on it, so fortunately we have a beautiful herb garden growing thanks to her hard work.  But when I move into my own place, I’m thinking of giving a small herb garden a try (perhaps on the window shelf of the kitchen if space is an issue?).  Herb gardens are easy to manage, grow really well, can be kept in doors (with lots of sunlight though) and give you yummy ingredients for meals-just perfect!

This herb garden really gets me excited!  It shows how you can use something as practical as herbs to create a really great look in your kitchen which compliments the other things on display. Source: Pattern stitch

To help you in your gardening adventures, I thought I would give you some ideas I’ve found on how to make herb markers, to help you remember which herb is which (I’ll definitely be needing that I think!)

Above: These herb markers use ice cream sticks and the words are printed on using stamps. Source: Lil Blue Boo

Above: This is another great (and cheap) way to make the markers.  This just requires paint, old pieces of wood and a steady hand.  I’m not sure if I can be so neat though… Source: By Wilma

Above: These are a bit more complicated to make, but if you have the right materials at home, they are a great idea.  Because they are made out of clay, they will be much more hard-wearing. Source: Wit & Whistle


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Wall Tattoos perhaps?

These wall tattoos have really caught my eye.  They are easy to apply, give some creative flair to an otherwise dull room and can be swopped easily, once you’re bored with them.  I have one of my own, which is sitting in my cupboard at the moment, waiting for when I move to a new flat at the end of the year…

Above: These wall tattoos are classic, simple yet very striking.  They go really well with the studded chair and the panelling on the wall. Source: I heart your outfit

Above: To create the illusion of furniture, but without having to buy expensive furniture (or if you don’t have the space), use wall stickers like these to create the feel you were going for. Source: Style Hive

Above: The sticker I have is very similar to this one, very clean, simple, small, but cute! Source: Dezign with a Z

Above: You could even try a sticker with colour in it to bring an accent colour through the room. Source: My Designing Life

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DIY Dresser Renovation

I have always been a fan of taking an old, but beautiful piece of furniture and giving it a coat of paint to transform it into a modern piece of furniture you can be proud to put in your home.  Next week I’ll show you one piece of furniture I did this with not so long ago, and which has become my dressing table.  But for today’s DIY Monday post, I’m going to show you what some other creative people have managed to do!

Above: I would love to try this out in my house.  If you don’t want to paint the entire dresser because you like the wood, it might be worth modernising it a bit with just some colour blocks like these semi circles.

Above: The before picture.

Above: What a great colour! Wow!  I love the simplicity of the handles and how the colours compliment each other.  This is truly a modern take on an old dresser.

Above: A pretty design for soft, calm room.  This is a cheap way of bringing in interesting designs into the room.

Picture credits:

Pictures 1 & 4: Mr Kate

Pictures 2 & 3: Wrenarian Troves

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A new take on cross stitching

This post comes to you from a fabulous guest blogger, a great friend of mine, Lee Meyers.  Thanks for the inspiration Lee!

At the age of 24, I found the love for a de-stressing activity…cross stitching!  How I came upon it, I am not
too sure! But as I have googled this topic more often, I have found some great ideas.  Have a look, and see for yourself.

To get started, this is the basic stitch. Source: Cross-stitch

Who could resist such attractive moustaches?! Source: Etsy

Above: For a different take on cross stitching for those not so keen to follow a pattern. Source: Etsy

Above:You could even cross stitch table decorations. Source: Martha Stewart

Above: This is a great idea if you’ve got empty walls that need a bit of artwork, but you’re keen to try something different. Source: Ideas Mag

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Bottle cap decor

I have always loved curtains made out of old plastic bottle tops and other pieces of recycling and hope to one day have a place in my home that needs that kind of ‘curtain’ and make one for myself.  Until then, I’ll just give you some inspiration to make it yourself!

Above: This picture was found on Kasmeneo’s flicker account.  I love how it brings in vibrant colours and makes an attractive feature while being made out of only recycled goods.

Above: This picture was found at HomeJelly.  I love how they painted the bottle tops funky colours to make it more modern and smart-looking.  They took an ordinary looking tray and made it look really stylish.

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DIY help: A small, round coffee table perhaps?

I noticed these oversized plastic cotton reels outside my lecture hall a while back, and wondered what they were for, and why they were just lying on the floor next to the dustbin.  And so with much courage I went on a mission to discover if I could take one-they looked like they could be used to make something fabulous!  I found out that they were used by the ‘cable guys’ but were about to be thrown away.  It didn’t take much for me, after hearing this, to put one under each arm, head home on the bus (which was rather difficult, I won’t lie, as they are quite big!) and start dreaming of what I can do with them.

I have an idea so far, but I’m hoping you will be able to help me.  I was thinking of turning them into little coffee tables.  They are made out of plastic, so by themselves aren’t terribly strong.  But with a good clean/varnish, a piece of solid wood on the top, it could be turned into a great retro table I’m thinking.

Let me know your ideas, and perhaps I could turn them into action!  I have three in total, so the sky’s the limit in terms of what to do with them.


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