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The Chesterfield

My parents are buying a new couch for the new house we have recently moved into, and are looking for a classic leather couch to go into the library.  I personally think the best sofa for this particular space is definitely the Chesterfield-vintage, classic style, grand and full of personality.  So I thought I would post today about the research I have been doing on the Chesterfield, and show you some wonderful pictures which I have found.

Above: This beautiful Chesterfield has worn beautifully with age, and I just love the collection of glass jars in front of it. Source: Field Notes

Above: This particular Chesterfield is known as the Balmoral Chesterfield.  I love the curved arms, so soft. Source: Forest Sofa

Above: This is a more masculine take on the Chesterfield, great for an office. Source: Elementary Organisation


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Guess what? We’re moving!

I just couldn’t resist making another post today.  Tomorrow is a super exciting day for us in the Wood household, because we’re moving!  The new house we’re moving into has been beautifully renovated for us over the last few months.

Above:  This is the downstairs lounge/dining room living area.  It has a beautiful 5m long sliding door which goes out onto the patio and garden.  In summer we can fold the doors right back so the garden becomes part of the room…I can’t wait!

Above:  This is the upstairs landing, with all the rooms off it.  The bathroom (far left door) has been fitted with new furnishings.  They have used kiaat wood throughout the house which is such a beautiful wood with a great finish.

Wish me luck for the daunting task which is ahead of us in the next 24 hours!

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Ahh…window seat inspiration

I had great fun researching the topic for the inspiration post today-all about window seats.  What I love about window seats is that they serve several purposes-you can use it for storage, extra seating, prettying up a room or to maximise the sunlight in the room.  I have a window seat in my current house and I always love sitting there watching nature while sipping my cuppa coffee.

Here is some inspiration to hopefully inspire you to do something similar:

Above: This window seat serves a more practical purpose, allowing two people to sleep on the beds tucked away.  This could be great for a kid’s room. Source: Sortrature

Above:  If you’re short on space, why not use the window seat for seating at the dining room table?  Source: Inspiration Online (this is a great post-go check it out!)

Above:  I just love the colours and textures that they have used in this window seat.  The dove grey and stripes and different types of natural fabrics look really inviting.  The studs on the cushion also add another interesting dimension.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: The colours used in this window seat are great!  What’s nice is that when you get bored you can easily change it, because it’s just a matter of a few pillows.  It doesn’t have storage underneath, but could make for a great socializing area.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: I absolutely love Mediterranean countries, and this window seat would certainly fit in there, and definitely reminds me of my holidays to Croatia and Turkey.  This would be best suited for a hot climate.  Source: Sortrature

Above:  This window seat is great for helping to make the kitchen the heart of the home.  Fitting right in a country-style kitchen, it allows conversation to flow easier between cook and guest.  It also allows a better view out the beautiful sash windows.  Just love it!  Source: Sortrature

Above: In order to really highlight the window and bring focus to it, frame the window with two drops of dramatic curtains, just like in this picture.  This will also allow you to close the curtains for a more intimate window seat, and if you want to close the windows up at night.  Source: Yours personally

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Macaroon anyone?

I’ve been investigating biscuits for a party we’re having soon, and I’ve always loved the idea of having a big glass jar full of colourful macaroons on the table, along with other yummy homemade biscuits and treats.  I found this wonderful shop, Petite Bouchee in Cape Town, which does macaroons amongst other things, and I think I may just have been won over by their delicious looking pictures!  Here are some to whet your appetite, get you inspired and hopefully get you baking this weekend!

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A new take on cross stitching

This post comes to you from a fabulous guest blogger, a great friend of mine, Lee Meyers.  Thanks for the inspiration Lee!

At the age of 24, I found the love for a de-stressing activity…cross stitching!  How I came upon it, I am not
too sure! But as I have googled this topic more often, I have found some great ideas.  Have a look, and see for yourself.

To get started, this is the basic stitch. Source: Cross-stitch

Who could resist such attractive moustaches?! Source: Etsy

Above: For a different take on cross stitching for those not so keen to follow a pattern. Source: Etsy

Above:You could even cross stitch table decorations. Source: Martha Stewart

Above: This is a great idea if you’ve got empty walls that need a bit of artwork, but you’re keen to try something different. Source: Ideas Mag

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Creative packaging ideas

I suddenly woke up this morning and realised that I hadn’t posted yesterday!  I had done all the research and prep work for it, but when it came to actually doing the post, it had totally slipped my mind.

So here it is: Creative packaging ideas to get you inspired


Picture credits:

Pictures 1-4: Design Inc

Picture 5: Winetimes

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The yellow revolution

I have this crazy obsession with the colour yellow at the moment.  I think it’s because it’s reaching the end of our winter here in South Africa, and the colour reminds me of all the things I miss about summer.  I think it’s a great colour to add to a room to give it a special lift and it can be used in small quantities yet is really striking and effective.  I inherited a beautiful ball and claw foot dining room table from my grandparents when they moved house, and I’m thinking of somehow using yellow paint to give it a bit of a spruce up.

Here are some ideas for using yellow in your bathroom which hopefully gets you inspired.

Above: I love how this bathroom is so simple yet so striking.  A yellow wall, some black and white wallpaper and furniture, an oversized picture and a ball and claw bath and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.

Above:  This is a great idea to add colour to the bathroom without making it a permanent fixture.  The yellow can be changed any time if you get bored of it or feel like another colour.

Above:  If you’re not brave enough to use yellow in the bathroom, why not paint a piece of furniture yellow and you can put it in your bathroom to store towels.  I would prefer to do this similar idea with a ball and claw foot cabinet, but this one looks great too.

Above:  For a more modern look in a smaller space, these yellow tiles are great as they look trendy yet are practical too

Above:  This wallpaper certainly makes a statement, and requires nothing else in the bathroom but the toilet.

Above:  I’m not a huge fan of this myself, but if you’re into the whole playing with patterns idea, this could be the look for you.

Above:  This statement wallpaper is paired with the neutral yet bold cabinet underneath and certainly creates a wow factor.

Above:  This is a more classic look with a slightly paler colour yellow.  The flowers used, bathtub and taps all add to the look and really create a feeling of luxury.

Above:  This bathroom looks like a great idea if you’re on a tight budget.  Just pair simple grey tiles with some yellow accessories and you’ve got a winner.  The white of the bathroom appliances also compliments the look, and you can always change the colour if you get bored of it.

Above: I love the legs of these sinks-they really say a lot.  The yellow mosaic tiles here are interesting as they create texture and dimension.

Above:  This yellow wallpaper is exquisite.  It has a classic feel about it and can be paired with many other colour accessories.

Picture credits:

Picture 2: Trendzona

Picture 3: Mostaza Seed

Picture 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11: Arcilook


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