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I was inspired by a post I saw on the pretty blog which led me to do this post today.  The latest trend, especially in kitchen tools, is the ‘dipped’ effect.  This is a great way to revive an old kitchen tool or piece of furniture and make it your own.  Here’s some pics to show you how:


Above: The pastel colours used on natural wood looks so calm.  Simple wooden items can be bought (rather cheaply) and new life given to them with just a little bit of paint.  Source: 2Modern Blog



Above: I find it interesting how not the entire leg is painted here, just parts of it…very cool.  Source: Pinterest



Above: What a statement colour to use!  Definitely the colour of the season, these could easily be painted over if you get bored with the colour.  Source: The pretty blog


Above: I particularly love how they’ve used just ordinary tins but have given them new life by just using a little bit of paint.  I think I’m going to try this! Source: The Pretty Blog




Above:  I’ve featured this picture before, I just love the bright colours, the variety in tools but yet how it all works together so well.  Source: The Furnishing Touch

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Ahh…window seat inspiration

I had great fun researching the topic for the inspiration post today-all about window seats.  What I love about window seats is that they serve several purposes-you can use it for storage, extra seating, prettying up a room or to maximise the sunlight in the room.  I have a window seat in my current house and I always love sitting there watching nature while sipping my cuppa coffee.

Here is some inspiration to hopefully inspire you to do something similar:

Above: This window seat serves a more practical purpose, allowing two people to sleep on the beds tucked away.  This could be great for a kid’s room. Source: Sortrature

Above:  If you’re short on space, why not use the window seat for seating at the dining room table?  Source: Inspiration Online (this is a great post-go check it out!)

Above:  I just love the colours and textures that they have used in this window seat.  The dove grey and stripes and different types of natural fabrics look really inviting.  The studs on the cushion also add another interesting dimension.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: The colours used in this window seat are great!  What’s nice is that when you get bored you can easily change it, because it’s just a matter of a few pillows.  It doesn’t have storage underneath, but could make for a great socializing area.  Source: Maegan Swabb

Above: I absolutely love Mediterranean countries, and this window seat would certainly fit in there, and definitely reminds me of my holidays to Croatia and Turkey.  This would be best suited for a hot climate.  Source: Sortrature

Above:  This window seat is great for helping to make the kitchen the heart of the home.  Fitting right in a country-style kitchen, it allows conversation to flow easier between cook and guest.  It also allows a better view out the beautiful sash windows.  Just love it!  Source: Sortrature

Above: In order to really highlight the window and bring focus to it, frame the window with two drops of dramatic curtains, just like in this picture.  This will also allow you to close the curtains for a more intimate window seat, and if you want to close the windows up at night.  Source: Yours personally

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Make your own angel

My aunt made this angel which I think is so beautiful so I thought I would share it with you.

It is a very simple design, but is great for giving as a little gift to a little girl, or to use as decoration in your home (I have it hanging from my window in my room).  I think it is just so gorgeous that I wanted to share it with you!


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DIY dresser

I bought an old and rather shocking looking dresser a while back for a great price, and decided to do it up and put it in my room.  After much debate about the colour, I decided to go with black with touches of white.  I used satin paint (in between matt and gloss) and it gave it a great finish.  Here are some pics to get you inspired:

Above: I use the table as my dressing table in my room.  I also wanted to hang some pictures above it, but didn’t want to spend lots of money on frames.  So I clipped pictures into hangers which have been lying around in my cupboard for years.  It also means I can change them easily.

Above: I decided to break the black up with some white edges on each drawer. I’m definitely glad I did it as the black would have been a bit too much without it.  I’m getting a bit bored of the colour now, so think I’m going to try out a variation of grey sometime soon….watch this space 🙂

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Friday Inspiration: The Infinity Dress

Having missed my blogging on Wednesday due to a crazy work schedule, I thought I would post an inspiration post with a slight twist-today’s post is about fashion design, not home design (I never thought I would do this!)

I found a picture of this infinity dress the other day and thought it was such a great idea.  What I particularly like is the fact that almost any person, with any figure, can pull it off.  I don’t particularly like my shoulders very much, so it’s great to see there is an option for some sleeves.  I still don’t know how one piece of fabric can make so many different styles!

Here’s a picture to show you what I’m talking about:

Picture source

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DIY herb garden markers

I must confess I am not a huge gardener-I don’t have green fingers, and I always forget to water the plants so generally they die!  But my sister is quite keen on it, so fortunately we have a beautiful herb garden growing thanks to her hard work.  But when I move into my own place, I’m thinking of giving a small herb garden a try (perhaps on the window shelf of the kitchen if space is an issue?).  Herb gardens are easy to manage, grow really well, can be kept in doors (with lots of sunlight though) and give you yummy ingredients for meals-just perfect!

This herb garden really gets me excited!  It shows how you can use something as practical as herbs to create a really great look in your kitchen which compliments the other things on display. Source: Pattern stitch

To help you in your gardening adventures, I thought I would give you some ideas I’ve found on how to make herb markers, to help you remember which herb is which (I’ll definitely be needing that I think!)

Above: These herb markers use ice cream sticks and the words are printed on using stamps. Source: Lil Blue Boo

Above: This is another great (and cheap) way to make the markers.  This just requires paint, old pieces of wood and a steady hand.  I’m not sure if I can be so neat though… Source: By Wilma

Above: These are a bit more complicated to make, but if you have the right materials at home, they are a great idea.  Because they are made out of clay, they will be much more hard-wearing. Source: Wit & Whistle


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Macaroon anyone?

I’ve been investigating biscuits for a party we’re having soon, and I’ve always loved the idea of having a big glass jar full of colourful macaroons on the table, along with other yummy homemade biscuits and treats.  I found this wonderful shop, Petite Bouchee in Cape Town, which does macaroons amongst other things, and I think I may just have been won over by their delicious looking pictures!  Here are some to whet your appetite, get you inspired and hopefully get you baking this weekend!

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