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The Chesterfield

My parents are buying a new couch for the new house we have recently moved into, and are looking for a classic leather couch to go into the library.  I personally think the best sofa for this particular space is definitely the Chesterfield-vintage, classic style, grand and full of personality.  So I thought I would post today about the research I have been doing on the Chesterfield, and show you some wonderful pictures which I have found.

Above: This beautiful Chesterfield has worn beautifully with age, and I just love the collection of glass jars in front of it. Source: Field Notes

Above: This particular Chesterfield is known as the Balmoral Chesterfield.  I love the curved arms, so soft. Source: Forest Sofa

Above: This is a more masculine take on the Chesterfield, great for an office. Source: Elementary Organisation


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DIY Dresser Renovation

I have always been a fan of taking an old, but beautiful piece of furniture and giving it a coat of paint to transform it into a modern piece of furniture you can be proud to put in your home.  Next week I’ll show you one piece of furniture I did this with not so long ago, and which has become my dressing table.  But for today’s DIY Monday post, I’m going to show you what some other creative people have managed to do!

Above: I would love to try this out in my house.  If you don’t want to paint the entire dresser because you like the wood, it might be worth modernising it a bit with just some colour blocks like these semi circles.

Above: The before picture.

Above: What a great colour! Wow!  I love the simplicity of the handles and how the colours compliment each other.  This is truly a modern take on an old dresser.

Above: A pretty design for soft, calm room.  This is a cheap way of bringing in interesting designs into the room.

Picture credits:

Pictures 1 & 4: Mr Kate

Pictures 2 & 3: Wrenarian Troves

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Old Fashioned Lifestyle

I found these two pictures while crawling the ‘blogosphere’ and just had to share them with you.

Above:  This wainscoting looks just gorgeous.  They certainly add grandeur and sophistication to any home, and create a look which paint certainly isn’t able to achieve.  They give a timeless look which I don’t think I would ever get bored with!

Above: I have always been a fan of this types of couch-classic style, simple colour, adaptable to any situation.  The arms on this type of couch are really important, and I love the height and curve on these ones.  Most couches in this style have studs on the back.  I’m not sure if this one does or not, but I quite like the rug which has been put over the back, it certainly creates a different feel.  It’s amazing how this is such a classic couch, yet it looks totally at place in this eclectic living room full of all sorts of colours and styles.  P.S.  I certainly did notice the letters decorating the walls-my all time favourite, go check out the post I made on similar letters.

Both of these pictures were found at Rain Collection.

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More seating needed+want to throw out old magazines=let’s make a stool!

I found this great DIY idea on Buzzfeed awhile back.  I think this idea is great because it uses things you already have in your home that are old and are soon going to be hitting the recycling, but alas now they are getting reused!

They used what seems to be quite a fancy  base for their stool.  It looks a bit too complicated and time-consuming for me, so if I were to make it I think I would give that a miss.  Perhaps just pop a piece of hardboard on the bottom which is the same size as the magazines and that would hopefully do the trick.


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Chair Crazy

I was fortunate enough in my last uni holidays to have an internship at a company.  One of the tasks I was designated to do was find new office chairs for the creative team I was working with.  I took up the challenge with great excitement-I knew through the process I would find some great stores and cheap ideas in the process…and I did just that!

One of my favourite chair designers is Charles Eames.  His pieces are timeless and can be used in a diverse set of environments.  However (and that’s a very big however) they are extremely expensive.  But I discovered that the imitation Eames chairs, although not the same quality and design, are just as nice aesthetically and the quality is good enough for the average person like you or I to manage with.

Here are some pics of imitation Eames chairs from a shop down the road from me, Chair Crazy:

One of the original Charles Eames chairs, this chair comes in a variety of colours which I think look great mixed together.

A stylish, classic Eames recliner

A twist on the original chair above, this rocking chair would be great in a kid’s bedroom or in the living room.

My favourite Eames office chair design- low back, soft fabric and surprisingly good-looking wheels.

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Wall Art

I have always been in love with big metal, wooden or acrylic letters that are displayed on a wall in a house.  It looks so striking and bold and quite different.

What is great about it is the ability to use the whole wall space, and in fact use the floor space too.  Buy letters in any size, any material and any colour and they will always look good together. Secondhand letters are also great-check your local market for some cheap finds. You can change it up when you get bored….mmmm, I love it!


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