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Guess what? We’re moving!

I just couldn’t resist making another post today.  Tomorrow is a super exciting day for us in the Wood household, because we’re moving!  The new house we’re moving into has been beautifully renovated for us over the last few months.

Above:  This is the downstairs lounge/dining room living area.  It has a beautiful 5m long sliding door which goes out onto the patio and garden.  In summer we can fold the doors right back so the garden becomes part of the room…I can’t wait!

Above:  This is the upstairs landing, with all the rooms off it.  The bathroom (far left door) has been fitted with new furnishings.  They have used kiaat wood throughout the house which is such a beautiful wood with a great finish.

Wish me luck for the daunting task which is ahead of us in the next 24 hours!

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Wall Tattoos perhaps?

These wall tattoos have really caught my eye.  They are easy to apply, give some creative flair to an otherwise dull room and can be swopped easily, once you’re bored with them.  I have one of my own, which is sitting in my cupboard at the moment, waiting for when I move to a new flat at the end of the year…

Above: These wall tattoos are classic, simple yet very striking.  They go really well with the studded chair and the panelling on the wall. Source: I heart your outfit

Above: To create the illusion of furniture, but without having to buy expensive furniture (or if you don’t have the space), use wall stickers like these to create the feel you were going for. Source: Style Hive

Above: The sticker I have is very similar to this one, very clean, simple, small, but cute! Source: Dezign with a Z

Above: You could even try a sticker with colour in it to bring an accent colour through the room. Source: My Designing Life

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Creative packaging ideas

I suddenly woke up this morning and realised that I hadn’t posted yesterday!  I had done all the research and prep work for it, but when it came to actually doing the post, it had totally slipped my mind.

So here it is: Creative packaging ideas to get you inspired


Picture credits:

Pictures 1-4: Design Inc

Picture 5: Winetimes

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Bottle cap decor

I have always loved curtains made out of old plastic bottle tops and other pieces of recycling and hope to one day have a place in my home that needs that kind of ‘curtain’ and make one for myself.  Until then, I’ll just give you some inspiration to make it yourself!

Above: This picture was found on Kasmeneo’s flicker account.  I love how it brings in vibrant colours and makes an attractive feature while being made out of only recycled goods.

Above: This picture was found at HomeJelly.  I love how they painted the bottle tops funky colours to make it more modern and smart-looking.  They took an ordinary looking tray and made it look really stylish.

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From the Heart Emporium online shopping

I am excited for this post today!  It  comes from The Pretty Blog:

“I am all for online shopping! There’s no parking issues, no car guards and no carrying around heavy bags. So whenever I find a cool new online shop, I get really excited, especially if it is a local one. My most recent find is From the Heart Emporium.   You can browse From the Heart Emporium for hours and hours. There are the , most creative goodies for your home as well as loads of great gifts.

Owner Annelize du Plooy got the idea for From The Heart Emporium while looking for original and charming presents for birthdays and Christmas. She remembered all the gorgeous things at local markets, but also that there was no easy way to get her hands on them afterwards. And so the idea came about that these wonderful products needed to be more easily accessible to all the style seekers out there.

From The Heart Emporium  is an online marketplace  where wonderful small businesses can offer their beautiful and unique handmade products for sale through their own shops.  Shoppers looking for style, originality and quality can enjoy wonderful service and find handcrafted goodies at their fingertips!

From The Heart Emporium is unlike any other shopping website – everything you see comes directly from the creative small businesses that made it…you are sure to receive all the love and high quality personal customer care you deserve. Like Annelize says, “Every item tells a story…””

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South African style at the Olympics

On a slightly different note than usual, I thought I would discuss something rather out of my league-fashion!  As the Olympics are now in full swing, and people are sitting, screaming and cheering in front of their television sets for their sportsmen and women to do their country proud, I was quite proud of our sportsmen as they walked out in the opening ceremony.

Their uniforms are so representative of the South African nation: they are bold, vibrant, multi-coloured, stylish and staying with the times.  I am incredibly proud of how well they are doing, particularly in the swimming, and thought I would show all my readers a picture of how we looked at the ceremony, just in case you missed us 🙂


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DIY Monday:

As you may have picked up by now, I’m starting to use different days to talk about different things.

  • Monday’s are DIY days-which allows you the week to buy/find all the necessary equipment
  • Wednesdays are odd bits and bobs days-because you always find something which never fits into an existing topic!
  • Friday’s are inspiration days-to get your juices flowing for the weekend and hopefully result in a project being started!

Today’s post is a taster, a teaser if you want to call it that, of posts I will be doing in the next little while….so get ready!

  • Ever want to make bunting which looks pretty, lasts long and can be used as decor in your house?
  • Want an online portal to take you to blogs and websites which interest you?
  • Want to enter competitions with your DIY creations?
  • Quirky chairs to put in any room, with any decor, and at low low prices

Please let me know your feedback-what you like, what you don’t like and what you want to see more of!  That way this blog can only get better and more interesting for you.

Over and out from me

Heather xx

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