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Bunting to decorate your home

Before the Bunting Craze (yes, that’s what I like to call it-the period when bunting was used for all parties, weddings and any other occasion), I had this marvelous idea to make bunting that I could use in my home one day for decorative purposes.  So I got to work with my sewing machine (was the first time in years!) with some cheap scrap material I bought at a material shop and made these:

I decided to go the slower route and sew two pieces of fabric together (rather than the more common method of just cutting out one piece of fabric and attaching it to the rope).  The reason-I want it to look pretty from up close and I want it to last.

I sewed all three sides closed, just leaving two small corners open at the top.  The thin rope was then strung through the holes and voila!

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DIY-able Celebratory flags

I found these flags while browsing the web, and thought they were pretty cool, and quite different.  They’re great for adding a bit of colour to a party, and can be used in so many different ways (hanging, on skewer type sticks like in the pic below, in the garden etc)

They’re pretty easy to make, as it pretty much just requires printing…happy creating!

Celebratory Flags

Celebratory Flags2


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