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Warm up winter with a brazier

Due to popular demand, this is a post for the male followers out there 🙂

My dad made this brazier using a drum from an old washing machine which he found at a washing machine repair shop.  It’s pretty simple to make, all it involves is screwing the three legs onto the side of the drum (with three legs it will guaranteed never be off-balance).  Make sure the legs don’t touch the side of the drum, that way they will never heat up, thus allowing you to move it even when a fire is in it.  The great thing about the drum is that it has holes in it, thus allowing heat to escape through the sides, not just the top (therefore maximum heat for those sitting around it).

What I love about this brazier is that it creates great ambiance, while also keeping you warm.  It looks pretty cool and doesn’t cost a lot to make, what a bargain!

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