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DIY herb garden markers

I must confess I am not a huge gardener-I don’t have green fingers, and I always forget to water the plants so generally they die!  But my sister is quite keen on it, so fortunately we have a beautiful herb garden growing thanks to her hard work.  But when I move into my own place, I’m thinking of giving a small herb garden a try (perhaps on the window shelf of the kitchen if space is an issue?).  Herb gardens are easy to manage, grow really well, can be kept in doors (with lots of sunlight though) and give you yummy ingredients for meals-just perfect!

This herb garden really gets me excited!  It shows how you can use something as practical as herbs to create a really great look in your kitchen which compliments the other things on display. Source: Pattern stitch

To help you in your gardening adventures, I thought I would give you some ideas I’ve found on how to make herb markers, to help you remember which herb is which (I’ll definitely be needing that I think!)

Above: These herb markers use ice cream sticks and the words are printed on using stamps. Source: Lil Blue Boo

Above: This is another great (and cheap) way to make the markers.  This just requires paint, old pieces of wood and a steady hand.  I’m not sure if I can be so neat though… Source: By Wilma

Above: These are a bit more complicated to make, but if you have the right materials at home, they are a great idea.  Because they are made out of clay, they will be much more hard-wearing. Source: Wit & Whistle


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Room with a view

So often we forget that the garden can be such a great room for entertaining, relaxing, reflecting and many more other wonderful things.  I thought it would be nice to post some inspirational pics of gardens which have been brought ‘into the home’ and have become another room to use.

Above: These sliding doors are great for opening up completely and making the room feel like it’s part of the garden.

Above: This outdoor office is perfect for if you work at home but want some peace and quiet, and want to get out the house.  It gives you a great view-perfect for getting the creative juices going!











Above:  I love how this patio has curtains so that you can close it off to create a more intimate feeling, or if it’s getting a bit chilly.

Above:  I just wanted to put this pic in because I love the bold blue fabric with white outline.  Very classy yet striking.













Above:  This courtyard feels incredibly intimate and romantic.  The water feature makes a nice addition and really draws the courtyard in, instead of being a wide open expanse of brick it now becomes an intimate entertaining area.

Above:  This is a cute take on a surfer’s outdoor chill area.  Striking fabric and timeless chairs do go a long way in making a room look great.
















Above:  This is my favourite picture!  I just want to hop in that bath and never get out.  Bringing the shrubs inside and taking the water outside (in the pond) ties the two areas together and makes it seamless and gives the impression that while in the bath, you’re actually also outside.

Credits:  Pictures 3, 4, 5 & 6 are from housebeautiful

Pictures 1, 2 & 7 are from myhomerocks

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