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Making furniture using old wooden pallets

Having missed my post on Friday (sorry guys, it was a super busy day-my last day at work!!), I decided to make a post on something I’ve been storing for a while now.  Call it a trick up my sleeve, this one should get you excited to start making furniture for your home!  Let me know which idea you think you would like to give a try…

Above:  This coffee table on wheels made from pallets is a cost-effective DIY way to make a striking piece of furniture in your house which is practical as well.

Above:  Often redoing kitchens can be quite expensive, but idea this can be done on a tight budget, and can be tailored to suit your needs, be it a specific height, colour, width etc.

Above:  This daybed made from pallets is super cool.  The wheels might be a bit impractical, but the idea is great.

Above:  Coming from South Africa, the traditional Christmas tree often seems quite out of place at Christmas time.  For a twist on the traditional theme, try this great one.  I’ve made one similar to this before, with wood, but I’m going to try this out one this year.

Above:  Another take on a coffee table, this one is slightly higher and more rustic than the previous pic.  You could also put a piece of glass on the top for a more sophisticated look.

Above: If you’ve got lots to display but no way of doing it, this is a creative way of doing so.  It’s another take on a shelf, but quite quirky and different-it’ll definitely make people notice your pictures!

Above:  I just love this loft-really light and modern, yet affordable too it seems!  The couches are made from pallets, with a simple piece of high density foam covered in fabric on top, followed by lots of cushions to lounge against.

Above:  If you live in a flat, but you hate the bland look of your patio or have itching green fingers, this is a super economical and creative way to add some greenery but not use up too much of that precious patio space.  Simply buy some landscape fabric and staple it to the sides, bottom and back of the pallet.  Place potting soil in the pallet and plant your flowers…voila!  For a more comprehensive tutorial, check this out.

Above: Have a mattress but no base for it?  This is a great way to quickly make a striking platform bed, economically.

Above:  These bookshelves and wine racks have also been made using pallets.

Picture credits:  Pic 1: Home Dzine, Pics 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8: home dit, pics 4, 7, 9 & 10: home dit


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